A Clean Workplace and it’s Advantages

There are many ‘hidden’ advantages to maintaining a clean workplace:

1. There’s a direct correlation between a clean work environment and improved employee health. A clean environment can help reduce worker sick days.
2. A regular cleaning program preserves and protects building assets such as carpets, floors, tile surfaces, equipment. It prevents excessive wear and extends lifespans.
3.  A clean workplace can be an excellent marketing tool, whether you’re trying to impress prospective clients, lease space or sell the building.
4.  A clean, healthy building plays extremely well with occupants, creating a welcoming atmosphere, often subconsciously encouraging hard work and collective effort that increases productivity.
 5. The appearance is one of the major elements that separates one building from another and brings added value.
 Smart management understands that professional cleaners are skilled in techniques that disinfect and sanitize workplace restrooms, kitchens, and other environments that are common breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.
A clean, working environment is positive in many ways. There are less injuries, less time taken off work, happier employees, a better impression with clients, less staff turnover, better productivity and a major stress reduction for all concerned.
Hiring an experienced and competent janitorial cleaning company is clearly less costly than a loss of business and low employee morale associated with an unclean workplace.
Spotless and clean is the look any business should want and need to radiate success in many ways.
It’s simply good business to maintain a clean workplace.

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  1. Gregg Layer
    March 6, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Good stuff…

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