Dental Cleaning for Dogs NOT a Norcross Commercial Janitorial Service!

Ok, continuing in the weird cleaning series is a “letter to Heloise” where this lady is concerned about getting her chihuahua’s teeth cleaned.

Well I’ve seen the dog washing vans running around town, but cleaning their teeth? That takes it to a whole ‘nother level.Norcross Commercial Janitorial Service

And by the way, we DON’T clean any dogs as part of our Norcross commercial janitorial services but we DO take our services and professionalism to a whole ‘nother level because we are a 20+ year old company locally owned and managed (not a franchise) so we care about our clients

– even though you have to do your own dog cleaning.

Here’s the entertaining quote from the article:

Dental cleaning for pets a routine procedure: Heloise

Dear Heloise: I’m scared. My Chihuahua is having a professional dental cleaning soon. What can you tell me about this? — Heather R. in San Antonio”


Heloise’s advice ends with something we can relate to,
because we love chihuahuas too

Give your little Chihuahua a big Heloise hug. — Heloise

Now give us a call for our great professional Norcross commercial janitorial service, and we’ll guarantee that although we don’t clean dogs, it won’t be no dog of a service for you 🙂