We Are Not A Franchise

We are not a franchise – why that is to your advantage:
CityJanInc is a local independently owned and operated commercial janitorial company owned by Gregg Layer who has been at the helm of this company for over 20 years. As part of the process of building this janitorial business, we go and bid on projects that may be potential new clients for CityJanInc.

Almost always at the same time,
also bidding, are large janitorial franchises.

Franchises (as part of the package that people receive when they buy a franchise) provide all sorts of brochures and business cards and uniforms and other sorts of ‘trappings of business’ so to speak which can make the operator who arrives to bid on a particular project look like they are a huge company and appear that a huge company is coming to take care of someone’s property and bringing to bear all of their enormous resources to take care of this particular cleaning project.

The reality of what actually is happening is that,
more often than not, you have:

A specialized salesperson or even more than one that goes to do the bid rather than the owner of the franchise (or the franchisee) go to do the bid.
So right from the very start the property managers aren’t getting to meet with and get to know the person that they are going to be dealing with on a regular basis, instead they’re meeting with, talking with professional salespeople who know how to “close the deal”,put up a good front and put on pressure to get the property managers to go with their franchise instead of an independently owned company who doesn’t have the professional salespeople and corporate uniforms and training in sales tactics to bring to the fore for the bid.

The crucial factor for continued satisfaction of the fulfillment of any commercial cleaning contract is the relationship between the property managers and the manager or managers of the business that they are actually dealing with on the cleaning

  • – and right from the start with franchises this relationship is not being built because they are not dealing with the business owners but instead with salesmen. Then when the work actually begins, the franchisee starts doing the actual cleaning work, not the salespeople that the property managers had met and dealt with.

As part of the franchise package, franchise buyers (aka franchisees) are promised a certain number of contracts that will be given to them over a certain period of time for they, the new franchisee to take over and do the work for.

So quite often what you have is someone actually who is new to the commercial cleaning business suddenly in charge of a cleaning contract that is way beyond their experience and expertise and they find themselves suddenly out there on the job basically “learning on the job.”

They are given a certain amount of training and standardization from the franchise company but it is nowhere near a substitute for the actual experience of fulfilling commercial cleaning contracts themselves, dealing with the equipment, working with the employees, managing, all the logistics involved etc. etc.

So the franchise having put up a good front and thus obtaining the contract then as part of their side of the contract awards the contract to whoever is next in line to receive it and quite often, as already stated, it is awarded to someone new to the cleaning business or with very little commercial cleaning experience.

This of course is in complete contrast to the impression given during the whole sales and negotiation process up to the awarding of the contract. As you can imagine, this often leads to a lack of satisfaction and a lack of quality cleaning work being done by the franchisee who was more often than not promised easy work and easy money so to speak, and suddenly find themselves having to work long hours in the middle of the night, in the cold, dealing with unfamiliar equipment and cleaning methods and employees that they don’t know etc. etc. and it being a sort of a nightmare for everyone involved.

We Don’t Sell Our Contracts

Another standard practice for franchises is they may start a contract with an experienced owner, franchise owner, and that person actually competently fulfills the commercial cleaning contract for certain period of time, gaining the property managers trust.

After that certain period of time they then sell the cleaning contract on to another cleaning company, quite often another franchisee under the same company. This is a common practice that makes sense for their business model in that they start the contract, building it up to look good, then sell it to an inexperienced franchisee with resultant work going downhill from there.

And all of this is without the notice to the property managers, who suddenly find their tenants complaining about the cleaning service which had been perfectly good up until that point.

Contrast all of this with dealing directly from the very start with the business owner, Gregg Layer with over 20 years experience, who has a direct involvement with every contract and who never sells his contracts.

As part of the bidding and sales process realistic quotes are given without the inflated franchise fee added to the quote because there isn’t one.
Plus Gregg Layer and CityjanInc is intimately involved with, aware of, and knows how to deal with all aspects of the commercial cleaning business so that everything is fulfilled on a professional and consistent basis for the property managers and the property clients and tenants.


Deal directly right from the start with the business owner, not with a franchise salesperson.
The business owner is who you are going to be dealing with in the short run and in the long run, not a salesman and not the minions brought to the sales process by mega franchises.

Deal with a company that does not sell their contracts – that would be us, CityjanInc.

Deal with a company with over 20 years experience in commercial cleaning contracts with numerous happy customers, instead of dealing with someone new to the cleaning business.

We hope that this brings a few issues to light that you may have been wondering about or been curious about and it is our hope of having you the property managers job become an easier and more effective one.

It is not to denigrate other people in the commercial cleaning business but rather to point out that these are issues that need to be addressed and questions that need to be asked during the entire sales and bidding of contracts process.

Contact us for the very best in commercial cleaning services we will always deal with you honestly and directly and are looking forward to hearing from you.