Fight Suwanee GA Workplace Flu With Secret Weapon Your Janitorial Service

The flu epidemic has got people in Suwanee washing their hands more than ever, but in the workplace there are many “common” areas and surfaces being overlooked that could be spreading flu germs unless sanitized by the commercial janitorial service.

Think about it: Everyone knows to wash their hands before leaving the restroom, but what about that door handle that everyone touches? The counter everyone leans on?flu germs in workplace

Your commercial janitorial service handles all the daily designated tasks such as emptying trash and replacing the liners, dusting, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, buffing floors – the list goes on and on. But in these times of this serious, even deadly, flu outbreak, by working closely with your janitorial service there is a lot that can be done to keep your workplace a much safer place.

You might want to take a look around your office and your entire facility – here’s a list of things your janitorial service can sanitize that you might not have thought of:

Throughout the office:
light switches
door knobs, handles,
flat surfaces of doors frequently pushed and pulled

computer keyboards
mouse for each computer
computer touch screens

Cafeteria/break areas:
refrigerator handles
backs of cafeteria chairs
cafeteria trash can lids
microwaves:keypad on microwave, door latch, door surface touched while opening

UP and DOWN buttons
Floor # buttons
Edges of doors
elevator railings around edges

Stairs and stairwells:
entry/exit door surfaces
hand rails

Vending areas:
soda machines and vending machines frequently touched surfaces:
selection buttons
dispensing chutes

Specialty entrances and exits:
Edges and rails of revolving doors
loading dock swinging doors – hand-level surfaces
escalator hand rails

Every office and commercial space has other unique common areas to look at also. Just observe the daily routines and ask: What gets touched constantly? Does it get cleaned? Are there some common contact areas and surfaces being overlooked?

Cleaning and maintenance is a constant battle, and your commercial cleaning service is in your space fighting that fight on a daily basis. It could very well be that some of these extra sanitizing steps and surfaces are outside the contract that your cleaning service is working under.

However, a well-managed, responsive janitorial service will negotiate with you for this much-needed help and could very well become your new best friend in fighting the flu at work.

And who knew? Your cleaning professionals were there in-place already, just needing to be reached out to during this serious flu season.