Naturist Naked Cleaners

The Scottish Sun newspaper has a headline that says “Naked cleaning company looking for body-confident Scots to join their staff” – here’s the link:

naked statue dusting CityJanInc


Of course the article has pictures of beautiful people in it, but that isn’t what is required at all, is it – you just have to be “body confident.” Well that’s about as low a bar as you can get, because if you ask them, anybody with a lick of sense will say “yes” if you ask them if they are confident that they have a body.

Forget all that anyway – the entire staff of CityJanInc is required to have bodies – what’s important is that you are confident that we will provide you with consistent and professional commercial janitorial cleaning results – and we have for over 20 years. Leave the naturist naked cleaners in their native Scotland, and get the real metro Atlanta commercial janitorial cleaning company to get your buildings done right, every time. Call us! 770-502-5539