Radioactive Cleaning – How Hot is THAT??

This article is titled “Woman finds radioactive material while cleaning basement” and it’s a really hot story: “NAPERVILLE, Ill. (AP) — A brown package with a label warning it contained radioactive material has been found in the basement of a suburban Chicago home.

Naperville Fire Division Chief Amy Scheller says hazmat teams tested the item and cityjaninc-dangerously gooddetermined it did contain radioactive material but not at levels considered dangerous.”

Well that’s good to hear that it was not considered dangerous, but the article goes on to mention that the brown paper package had been in the basement for 30 years!

Cleaning is very important for work environments and peace of mind – certainly nothing in your office’s trashcans will be radioactive but still its nice to know that you get your office property cleaned nightly by professionals, right? No leaving things needing to be thrown away for 30 years?

Ok, good, got that settled.;)

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