Robot Cleaners for Your Office?

Robot Cleaners for Your Office?  Uhh, no that’s not going to happen, and the reasons why are further down the page.  Still, this article is interesting:

robot cleaners for your officeThe best robot vacuum cleaners 2018: Why do your own cleaning?

Ok more on the robot vacuum cleaners – here’s a guide for 2018, and further below is why this would never work for commercial cleaning:
“Household chores like ironing, washing and vacuuming are never particularly enjoyable. In fact, most people hate them and the few that might enjoy them are probably getting paid to do so.

Don’t worry though, there is something that could make your life a little easier and make one of these three chores a little more fun – a robotic vacuum cleaner.”

Hah! Everyone has seen the cats riding around the house videos atop robot vacuums, and as far as commercial cleaning in Metro Atlanta that’s about the most benefit robot vacuums will give you.

Why is that? Its because commercial office spaces are very complicated environments – besides the layout being different for each individual office there is the keys and electronic entries necessary, the various types of floors such as tile and carpet and vinyl, and the list goes on and on.

I’ve gotten to the point where any time some great gadget gets introduced – a blender, an electric car, new headphones, what-have-you, no matter what it is I always say:

“That’s great, but can it take out the trash?”

That’s what we at CityJanInc do – the basics for you, done right. Sorry, no Robot Cleaners for Your Office, there’s too much thinking and maneuvering involved to do a professional job, every night.

Go ahead and give us a call to get started – no robots here, not even with our phones:  770-502-5539