Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Edition vacuum

Samsung has extended theirPowerbot vacuum series with Star Wars Edition vacuums. This is not a vacuum suitable for a Atlanta commercial janitorial service like City Janitorial Inc, because these Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Edition vacuums look to be suitable only for home use rather than commercial office spaces that City Janitorial Inc works in, nevertheless this story was too good to pass up. Here’s a link to the product page:
There’s the Stormtrooper version of the vacuum and also the Vader version

– however, it looks like Samsung didn’t consult Darth Vader about this. You probably should check out this video to see what he has to say about it:


Here’s a bit more from the Samsung product announcement page:

Let them do your dirty work.
The latest POWERbot is a tribute to the galaxy of Star Wars. It’s smart enough to steer itself through your space, handle any terrain, avoid unexpected traps and make quick decisions. Most importantly, it answers to you. Limited Edition Darth VaderTM and StormtrooperTM POWERbots are now available. Enlist one to help you with your next cleaning mission.”

So I can see why Vader may be a bit upset: “Let them do your dirty work“? Looks like Darth Vader likes to handle his dirty work himselfAtlanta commercial janitorial service

As a serious Atlanta commercial janitorial service, we unfortunately can’t use these super-cool vacuums because we clean thousands upon thousands of square feet of commercial office space every night and the Samsung Powerbots are for home use.  Looks like they would be a great addition under the Christmas tree for all of us Star Wars fans, though – don’t you think?